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In Guinea French is the official language '' or Good morning Good evening: This is the greeting that will welcome you upon your arrival in Guinea polite phrase when it comes to answering: '' Hello or Good evening. ''

Their controls are organized so as not to spend too much time. It is mandatory to be a passport valid, valid six months after your entry into Guinea.

TAXI AND taxi driver
In Guinea taxis are yellow colors too but you will not only tighten in if you do not specify the drivers you want a displacement.
The Conakry International Airport, or "Gbessia International Airport"
The airport is located 13 km north-east of the city center; in the crowd, there are taxis outside, and a bus service.
main roads
• N1: connects Conakry - Coyah - Kindia - Mamou - Dabola - Kouroussa - Kankan
• N2 connects Mamou - Faranah - Kissidougou -Guékédou - Macenta - Nzerekore - Lola and practicable in the dry season to Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast)
• N4: connects Coyah - Forécariah - Farmoreya - to Sierra Leone
• N5: connects Mamou - Dalaba - Pita - Labé (Fouta Jalon region). Beyond, the road to Koundara is not passable during the rainy season.
• N6: connects Kissidougou - Kankan - Siguiri - Bamako (Mali)
• N20: connects Kamsar - Kolaboui – Boke.
The Konakry Railway in Kankan was built between 1902 and 1915. The railroad Conakry Fria was used by Rusal during operation of the alumina plant of Fria. Following an agreement between the president and Rusal, will be rehabilitated by Bolloré. This rehabilitation provides for "setting the standards" of the rails so that they are a standard gauge, and an exploitation of power rails to ship by rail containers PAC dry port Kagbélen, a distance of about 42 km. This will reduce congestion Conakry. The railway from Conakry to Kindia, a distance of 105 km, is operated by the SBK (Bauxite Company of Kindia). The Sangaredi railway in Kamsar, is also standard gauge, a distance of 136 km.

National Holidays

Festivals and Holidays

January 1st

New Year's Day

May 1

Labor Day

May 25

Anniversary of the Organization of African Unity, current African Union

October 2

Independence Day

December 25th




By following the basic precautions, you'll have no worries.
You will find in Conakry pharmacies, which often sell cheaper, the same drugs in Europe.
Do not eat raw vegetables, ice cream or ice cubes and peel fruit.
The rules of hygiene are generally observed in public institutions, especially in hotels and tourist restaurant.
In the end before swimming if you have a little '' cracked '' on the beach think was wet your neck to avoid any risk of hypothermia.

Inquire before because regulations change frequently.
YELLOW FEVER: Valid 10 years (Required if you come from a country in Africa)
TYPHOID: Valid 3 months
VIRAL HEPATITIS A: Valid six weeks
POLIO: Valid 2 years
CHOLERA: Valid 6 months, required if coming from a country where this disease is.
Endemic in Guinea, it is transmitted by the Anopheles gambia.
Symptoms similar to those of flu, are severe headaches, chills iced and high temperature. If you have the slightest doubt, the drop test.
thick in a laboratory and if necessary, consult a doctor. During the tourist season (November to May), there are fewer mosquitoes.
Most hotels have air conditioning and mosquito nets often. It is better (use an insecticide spray or lotion from the fallen of the day, especially in the hinterland.

It is recommended to consume bottled water. When moving think '' Heat = Dehydration '' So do not hesitate to drink a lot of comers liquid tightly sealed or Provide with tablets to purify water, available in pharmacies.

If you have not done before your departure, we advise you to take out health insurance repatriation, especially if you move inside the country.

Confirm your flight 72 hours in advance with the relevant airline or your travel agency.
It is advisable to fill the currency declaration card confirming if one would call you. Introduce yourself 2 hours before boarding to complete the registration formalities with your airline or tour operator and with the police and customs authorities.
Duty free shops and cafeteria are open in principle, even late at night.
To exchange please do so at the entrance to the airport with the street because there 's no currency exchange inside.

There is enough traffic jam in the capital at the Kaloum entrance to the administrative city during peak hours.
The main roads are the road the prince and the highway Fidel Castro.


During your travels, you will not fail to cross the street traders plying the streets of major cities, up from 7 in the morning to late at night, they are there, facing with courage the throes of traffic for you.
They facilitate people's lives by offering snacks (peanuts, cashews, cupcakes, fruit ...), drinks (soda cans, coffee ...) and many other things (newspapers, handkerchiefs, towels ...). Other recognizable by their horns and their rallying cry, grow endlessly (on sometimes very dirt tracks) their carts containing water ice and to the delight of children through neighborhood.

French is the official language of Guinea and almost everyone speaks. Nevertheless there are over ten dialects:
• Pulaar or Peul, spoken mainly in Middle Guinea, more than 40% of the Guinean population, has many speakers in other regions
• Malinke, spoken mainly in Upper Guinea and the Kpelle or Guerzé spoken in Forest Guinea, has many speakers in other regions ..
• Susu, spoken mostly in Lower Guinea, spoken in all four natural regions of Guinea, is the dominant language of the capital Conakry.



On the territory of the Republic of Guinea, the currency which since 1960 is the Guinean franc (GNF or FG). This motto has over in no other country, but is exchangeable with exercising changers close to the borders with the currency prevailing in the bordering countries, CFA franc, Liberian dollar, leone of Sierra Leone and also the euro and the dollar. The Central Bank of Guinea also allows the exchange.
Tickets are 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10 000 and 20 000 FG and n are not parts.
You can return to Guinea with any currency you want cash, travelers checks etc.
In theory, you should complete a declaration of currency upon arrival, you can be claimed upon your departure.

The exchange rate is fixed to the dollar, or 1 dollar for 9000 FG.
This operation is to be performed in banks, exchange offices or hotels, for a commission of up to 5%.

Inquire for hours, which may vary, particularly during the period of Ramadan.

Moreover, you can with your international credit cards, withdraw cash in some BANKS equipped with ATMs.

In Guinea, Islam is largely adopted by the population.
We celebrate the festivals of the Muslim calendar advancing from one year to another, being linked to phases of the moon. This made, it often happens that only confirms the date the same day.

1. Ramadan (late young Muslim or Ramadan)
2. Tabaski (commemoration of Abraham's sacrifice)
3. The New Year (Muslim New Year)
4. Maouloud (birthday of Prophet Mohamed)
5. It also celebrates January 1, Sunday and Easter Monday, Pentecost, October 2 (National Day), 1 May (Labour Day), Ascension, Assumption, All Saints and Christmas.


Beyond your three-month tourist visa, you can apply for an extension of your stay in the Ministry of Interior to Coléya, If you have any problems during your stay, please contact your officials.

SAUDI ARABIA Donka District +224 664 45 55 55 611
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GERMANY Kaloum, District Almamya +224 621 22 17 07 540
FRANCE Ave Trade Kaloum
+224 621 00 00 10 570  
NORTH KOREA Miniere district
Common Dixinn
+224 664 00 92 32 723
IVORY COAST Boulevard of the Republic
Boulbinet, Kaloum
+224 622 36 34 85 5258
SOUTH AFRICA Coleah South Corniche
+224 664 90 47 71 4703
GHANA Camayenne Corniche, near the Supreme Court
Common Dixinn
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LEBANON Street Trade Almamya +224 664 74 44 44 5005
LIBERIA Kaporo neighborhood
Municipality Ratoma
+224  6 66 144 651 18
MALI Camayenne Corniche, near the Suprem court
Miniere District, Municipality of Dixinn
+224 669 39 94 03 299 ambassademaliconakry@
MOROCCO Villa n. 12, City of Nations +224  628 22 32 74 3200
Area: Kaloum
+224 666 25 83 27 880 missionrdcconakry@yahoo. Fr
Administrative center Koloma
Municipality Ratoma
+224  655 10 40 00 603
CUBA Rue Corniche Nord DI 256 y Rue DI 260
Comune de  Dixinn
+224  664 80 23 67 71
UKRAINE North Corniche City Ministerial Dixinn +224-62-293-84-63 3244
BRAZIL Place Samory Touré, Residence 2000 5th floor
Building Administration Colah
Moussoudougou - Municipality of Matam
+224  6642-02111 2677
SENEGAL Villas 41 and 42, Cite des Nations
Boulbinet, Kaloum
+224  631 90 02 02 842  
SIERRA LEONE Bellevue neighborhoodLocal district Dixinn +224  631 35 65 66 625
GUINEA BISSAU MiniereLocal district Dixinn +224  664 27 15 33 298  
ITALY Ave of the Republic, 365, first floor
Kaloum commune
Almamya neighborhood
+224  655 673 131 84
JAPAN Landreau Port district, North Corniche
Common Dixinn
+224  628-68-38-38 895  
GREAT BRITAIN South Corniche, Villa 1, Residence 2000 +224  631 355 329 6729
IRAN Ministerial city, Common Dixinn +224 30 46 45 99 310
EGYPT Colea South Corniche
Commune of Matam
+224  664 40 72 64 389
NIGERIA Almamya, Kaloum +224  664 53 87 61 54  
PALESTINE Almamya, Near Building Paternal +224  622 69 45 22 1021
RUSSIA Matam-Port. km. 9 +224  613 40 52 22 329
MALAYSIA Mafanco neighborhood
Coleah South Corniche
+224  622-35-40-50 5460
LIBYA North Corniche Coronthie
facing the Governorate Conakry
Kaloum municipality
+224  657 28 03 03 1183  
Labé building, 2nd floor
+224  664 59 65 35 1167
TOGO Kipé CENTRE ISSUER, MUNICIPALITY Ratoma +224  664 57 79 04 3633  
YUGOSLAVIA Cite Railway Building Kassa +224  631 40 05 20 1648  
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