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This page gives you some details about the operation of the platform.
In case you do not tighten satisfied, contact us from the form on the contact page or send your email to:
Our technical team will do anything for you rather than possible.

  • Is called simple client any user who logs on and performs  ticket booking without first get an account.

The company has even called corporate account allows you to get an account in which you can manage all your reservations online.
You have the facility:

  • To reserve online
  • To modify your reservations
  • To cancel your reservations
  • And to issue tickets automatically

NB : to qualify for a corporate account send a written application with the header and your company details to :

Launch site :

  • Complete the flight booking (image below)
  • Check first of all the language then the currency (if you want to change language or currency).
  • You must set the type of trip, by default the system will check Return if you want a way then check the box.
  • Enter any character in the airport of departure and destination airport

The AutoComplete is logically activated the system will display a list click on the airport of your choice.

Reminder : Do not enter the name of a country or state from airport level or happened otherwise you will have no result.
Instead, type the name of the city or airport.
Example: Spain
Make: madrid to Madrid airport
The system displays automatically Madrid, Spain (MAD) (All airports) click to select.
Barcelone for Barcelona airport
Valence for valencia airport
Dakar for airport Leopold Sedar Senghor (DKR)
Conakry, Conakry airport Guinea (CKY) (All airports)
You can also enter the letters in lowercase or uppercase.

  • Fill in the date of departure and return 
  • Select (- / + 3 days) if you want the system displays available flights 3 days before and 3 days after your date of departure or return

NB : You will have the chance to have more reduced rates with this option.


With '' Multi Leg '', you have the opportunity to board the return to a different airport from that landing.
Example: with Royal Air Morocco company to the going , you do
And in return you have the opportunity to do:
BERLIN-DAKAR-CASABLANCA (you have the facility to change airport)
  • Number and type of passengers

Type of passengers :
Adult: Any passenger whose age exceeds 12 years.
Child:  Any passenger whose age is more than 2 years and less than or equal to 11 years to the day of the flight.
Baby: Any passenger whose age is less than or equal to 2 years to the day of the flight

  • Click on search to view flights.
  • The system displays (Matrix) or list of flights available depending on your input dates.
  • The system displays direct flights first and then with connection
  • Flights are available from cheapest to most expensive.
  • Click Select to choose a company with the corresponding rate 

See image below

  • Click on select to choose a company with the corresponding price
  • The system shows you a summary of the tariff and the tariff note related to the tarif

Please read the pricing conditions carefully.

  • Click Book Cart to continue or empty the cart to cancel the process.

  • The system displays a summary of the rate, dates and price conditions, if that's the price you have selected press Book Cart otherwise click clear basket to restart
  • On the page that displays inform the various fields.

There are mandatory fields to fill (*) and other optional
NB: The user must fill obligatory a valid address email and a valid phone number because after booking since the system will automatically send you a copy of your booking flight in your mail box and it will help SAFABHE to send you some certain documents relating to your travel if necessary. (Change of schedule or flight cancellations by the company).

  • Complete booking
  • If there are no errors, the system displays the booking with the PNR number (Personal Name Passenger) with 6 characters.

  • You can print the reservation.
  • You can now go to the payment process by clicking Pay now.

Pay now.

SAFAHE offers rooms, studios, apartments and villas furnished and secure in Dakar and Conakry.  

  • Start the website :
  • Click Apartments
  • Click on Book a villa, apartment or room
  • Fill out the form that appears
  • Fill all fields correctly
  • Click send to finish
  • Our team will contact the housing rather as possible by phone or by email for later.

NB: The user must fill in a mandatory address "Electronic" and a valid phone number after booking because the system will automatically send you a copy of your book in your mail box and it will help you address SAFABHE of certain documents relating to your stay in case of need. (Changing schedules or cancellation of stay).

If you are not able to make your reservation online only, SAFABHE to better connect with you set up a call center that you can reach 7/7 from 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Tel : (+224) 657.00.42.47 ou (+221)

SAFABHE offers you a list of providers in hospitality 

  • Start the website :
  • Click hotels
  • Click on the logo of the service provider of your choice
  • On the form that appears, fill the city, date of arrival and departure..
  • Then click search


All orders are payable in Euros, Dollar, XOF ou GNF

Payment for orders can be made through credit cards, bank transfer or the following types of payment:

  • The credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Wari
  • Joni joni
  • Western union
  • Epocket
  • Orange money
  • Paypal
  • Cash

NB : we remind you that the payments can be made at our level are:
Ticket delivery of aircraft, apartments, driving school services.
The remaining services are paid directly to the website of the provider concerned.
We do a redirect.  

AUTO SCHOOL SAFABHE practices in the area of training for motorcycles and automobile drivers with application to the Environment, Health-Environment (HSE)
It also wants consultant on road safety and accident prevention traffic for business and society with a considerable fleet.
NB : do SAFABHE features Training School for driving motorcycle or automobile in Guinea Conakry currently.

  • Start the website:
  • Click Auto School
  • Click on Register Online
  • Fill out the form that appears
  • Choose the agency you want to follow (see find an agency)
  • Choose the class of license (B, BCD or BCDE)
  • Fill in the type of training (in group or VIP)
  • Click send to finish
  • Our team registrations will contact you as possible rather than by phone or email for later.

Our categories of permits:
1-) Categories vehicles:
The Class A license

  • The permit (two motorized wheels) to drive :
    • moped, golf cart, a light quadricycle motor (AM permits)
    • 125 cm3 displacement motor and a 11kW maximum power
    • a motorcycle with or without sidecar with a power not exceeding 35 kW and a power / weight ratio is less than 0.2 kW / kg (A2 license)
    • a motorcycle with or without sidecar, whose power does not exceed 73.6 kilowatts and tricycles without power limitation and motor quadricycles maximum power of 15 kW.

Le permis de catégorie B (véhicules personnels)

  • Le permis B (voiture) permet de conduire des véhicules dont le PTAC (poids total autorisé en charge) est inférieur ou égal à 3,5 tonnes.
    • un véhicule sur lequel peut être attelée une remorque dont le PTAC est inférieur ou égal à 750 kg,
    • un véhicule  sur lequel peut être attelée une remorque lorsque le poids total autorisé en charge (PTAC) de la remorque est supérieur à 750 kg, sous réserve que la somme des poids totaux autorisés en charge (PTAC) du véhicule tracteur et de la remorque de l'ensemble n'excède pas 3,5 tonnes

The permit category B (personal vehicle)

  • Permit B (car) allows to drive vehicles with a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) less than or equal to 3.5 tons.
    • a vehicle that can be combined with a trailer with a GVWR below or equal to 750 kg
    • a vehicle that can be combined with a trailer when the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the trailer exceeds 750 kg, provided that the sum of the charge authorized total weight (GVW) of the towing vehicle and trailer of the total does not exceed 3.5 tons.

The permit category BCD (Public Transit)

  • The permit allows BCD to drive vehicles used for the carriage of passengers, comprising more than eight seats (excluding the driver, these vehicles can be combined with a trailer with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVW) does not exceed 750 kg

The permit category BCDE (Heavy goods)

  • The permit allows BCDE to drive vehicles for the carriage of goods.

2-) heavy machinery Categories:
We have heavy equipment and we are training in different types of machines:
Forklift, loader, excavator, bulldozeur

Important Reminder:
Administrative and health formalities (Article 11 TERMS AND CONDITIONS)
Only a national identity card, passport or a travel document whose face date is not exceeded can travel. No other document cannot be used to travel, both for an adult, a child or a baby

Typically, a valid passport is essential for foreign destinations. Some countries require that the passport validity than six months after the date of return and also you are in possession of a return ticket or a ticket out and sufficient funds.

Minors must be in possession of an identity document in their name. Minors inscriptions on the parents' passports. Minors must hold an individual passport. For minors accompanied by one parent or abroad and overseas territories in addition to the usual formalities, the accompanying parent will bring the family book and a territory exit permit given by the parent not traveling. It is the same for minors accompanied by a third.

SAFABHE can not in any case accept the registration of unaccompanied minors. Accordingly, SAFABHE cannot be held responsible if, despite this prohibition, an unaccompanied minor is registered, unwittingly, on a journey.

For more details refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Some useful links for travelers:

- Administrative formalities and identity documents :
- Information on countries :
- Weather information :

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