Driving School

SAFABHE Driving School

SAFABHE Driving School is involved in the training of motorcycle and automobile drivers with application to the Hygiene-Health-Environment (HSE) program,
She is also a consultant in the field of road safety and prevention of traffic accidents for companies and companies with a considerable fleet.

NB : SAFABHE have only a training school for motorcycle or automobile driving in Guinea Conakry at the moment.
SAFABHE Driving School

  • The performance
  • The Rigor
  • The Professionalism

Our license categories :

1-) Categories:
The Class A license

  • License A (two-wheel motorized) allows driving:
    • a moped, a cart, a light motor quadricycle (AM license),
    • a motorcycle with a displacement of 125 cm3 and a power of 11kW maximum
    • a motorcycle with or without a side-car of a power not exceeding 35 kW and a power-to-weight ratio of less than 0.2 kW / kg, (A2 license),
    • a motorcycle with or without a sidecar with power not exceeding 73.6 kW, as well as unrestricted tricycles and quadricycles with a maximum power of 15 kW.

The Class B (personal vehicles)

  • License B (personal vehicles)) vehicles with a maximum gross vehicle weight (PTAC) of 3.5 tonnes or less.
    • a vehicle on which a trailer with a GVWR of 750 kg or less may be attached,
    • means a vehicle on which a trailer can be coupled when the trailer's maximum permissible gross weight (GVWR) is greater than 750 kg, provided that the sum of the total permissible laden weight (GVWR) of the towing vehicle and the trailer the total does not exceed 3.5 tonnes

License BCD (Public Transport)

  • License BCD is used to drive vehicles for the carriage of passengers, with more than eight seats (excluding the driver's seat, to which a trailer with a maximum gross laden weight (GVWR) of 750 kg

License BCDE (Heavyweight)

  • License BCDE driving licenses for vehicles used for the carriage of goods.

2-) Categories heavy equipment
We have heavy equipment and we train the different types of machines: Forklift, loader, Excavator, bulldozer


Our rates below are payable in installments.

1/  Training in category (A): Training code + driving……=   250.000 FG
2/ Training in category (B): Training code + driving = 500.000 FG
3/ Training in category (BCD): Training code + driving……=   600.000 FG

4/ Recycling Code without Driving License…..............= 250.000 FG

5/ Recycling Code + driving without Driving License…..=  450.000FG

6/ TRAINING V.I.P (Light weight): Code + Conduit………= 1.300.000FG
7/ Training in category (BCDE) heavy vehicles: To be seen on site
8/ Driving training for heavy equipment: To be seen on site

Special rates to negotiate for groups: schools, companies, associations etc...
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NB : Permitted training of any candidate is sanctioned by a mandatory examination of the driving license organized by the National Direction of the Terrestrial Transport.

Our light vehicles:

Our heavy vehicles and tractors:

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