Who are we :

of transport.

The SAFABHE group has a travel agency and tourism we issue the air tickets for all airlines and all destinations worldwide at competitive rates and also we organize excursions within certaincountries of the subregion (Senegal, Guinea Conakry)
You can also buy your tickets online on our platform.

Our mission:
  • Bring out the spirit of reliability among the passengers but also the desire to popularize research innovative new products every day through new information and communications technology.
  • Provide support to travelers of all kinds in their companies Travel for Studies and Research, Tourism making them immediately operational, sustainable and efficient practices.

Our values
  • We think every day to offer you quality services and benefits to meet your expectations.
  • Total commitments and guarantees to our customers.
  • Ensure mutual trust between us and our customers
  • continuous improvement of our services
  • Become our professionalism, reference transport company worldwide.
Call us in Guinea (+224) 657 00 42 47   /  in Senegal (+221) 77 213 66 33