Who are we:
The SAFABHE Group is a company specialized in International dimension in the field of transport and computer networks
The SAFABHE group has a travel agency and tourism we issue the air tickets for all airlines and all destinations worldwide at competitive rates and also we organize excursions within some countries of the subregion (Senegal, Guinea Conakry)
You can also buy your tickets online on our platform.
Our mission:

  • To bring out the spirit of reliability among the passengers but also the desire to popularize research innovative new products every day through new information and communications technology.
  • Providing support to travelers of all stripes, in their Study Trips enterprises and research, tourism making them immediately operational, sustainable and efficient practices.

Our values

  • We believe every day to offer you quality services and benefits to meet your expectations.
  •  Full compliance with commitments and guarantees to our customers.
  •  Ensure mutual trust between us and our customers
  • Continuous improvement of our services.

Company services

  • Representation of foreign firms:

We are ready to portray foreign companies working in the field of benefits services wishing to settle in these two countries.

  • Partner Service Offerings:

We also offer win-win partnership offers to companies in various fields.

  • Buy Tickets online (with the business or corporate account)

Our different offers online ticket
Single customer on the platform SAFABHE.COM

  • Is called simple client any user who logs on and performs ticket booking without first get an account.

Who can benefit from a business account (Corporate)
The company has even called corporate account allows you to get an account in which you can manage all your reservations online.


You have the facility:

  • To reserve online
  • To modify your reservations
  • To cancel your reservations
  • And to issue tickets automatically.

NB: to benefit from a corporate account to send a written request with the header and your company details to:

  • Tourist Packages:

You are a travel or tourism agency so we offer travel packages at preferential rates.
With the guarantee of expertise based on xcellent technical skills and a thorough knowledge of the market and the tourism world, SAFABHE TRAVEL brings the quality of a advice safe for your projects.
SAFABHE TRAVEL consists of dynamic teams that unite their skills and knowledge for you to discover Senegal and Guinea otherwise.
SAFABHE TRAVEL is a travel agency, tourism and tourist transport, it offers a diverse range of products and services ranging from reception to transfers, car rental excursions, ticketing the organization trips and events.
We think every day to offer you quality services and benefits to meet your expectations.


  • Real Estate:

We also have villas and land for sale that you can offer your customers.
You are outside and you want to buy land, an apartment or a villa then contact us.

Detailed rules for the apartments or villas purchase:

  • Computer services

We carry out application development with our partner

MARCHE Solution (UK) Ltd
638 minnow way, Newport, NP20 7LN – United Kingdom
Mobile: +44 56 0305 4593

Our services:
1 / linux server (Equipment Installation Maintenance & support).
2 / Development, design, configuration and installation of the client's specific needs.


  • Design and production of fuel management system.
  •  Location Study and security system installation (Camera Surveillance).
  • Managing Properties (property and non-material).
  • Remote Control Vehicle GPS (Location with complete address,Immobilization, etc  ...).

3 / design and production website

  • Hosting website.
  • Domain creation with personalized email addresses.

4 / Email Solutions (Server Message, detection and prevention of SPAM on Internet ad networks).

5 / System Administration

  • Installation
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Accounting
  • System Programming
  • User Management

6 / Networks [VPN Management, Firewall, Proxy, Security, VSat, WLan, Lan, Wifi]
7 / Packages bank [SMS Alert, Voice Alert].
8 / Packages Television and Radio [Automated Player of the database of Advertising].
9 / Utilities added SMS services (Chat, Horoscopes, football, translation, etc ..).
10 / MMS Firewalls.
11 / Application Voice etc....

If you wish to contact us or get more information on our partnership offers us a representation or proposal, please contact our service by email: or phone (+224) 628.25.73.74

Call  us in Guinea (+224) 657 00 42 47   /  in Senegal (+221) 77 213 66 33