Safabhe terms and conditions of sale

On the whole site which publishes aforementioned, the SAFABHE Company offers for sale the following services:

Safahe offers a flight Online Booking:
1. airplanes tickets for all destinations
2. furnished apartments (Dakar and Conakry)
3. hotels around the world
4. cars around the world
5. Travel Packages

The SAFABHE Group is a company specialized in International dimension in the field of transport.
The head office:
Guinea Conakry
Kaloum Niger Market Building Afriland First BANK 2nd floor.
Tel: + 224-628.19.75.07 / 657.00.42.47
In Senegal

Plots Assainies U10 - Dakar
Phone: + 221-33.855.84.55
Fax: + 221-33.855.84.55
Mobile: + 221-

To secure our relationships legally, we invite you to take cognizance of these general conditions of sale.



"WEBSITE" means the website

"SERVICE" means the provision of service provision such as the provision of air tickets, accommodation, travel packages or insurance etc...

"ORDER" means a booking made by the user directly on the website or by phone.
"PROVIDER" includes any service provider or supplier SAFABHE and includes airlines, hotels, residential hotels, car renters and insurance companies.
"YOU" or "USER" means any person using the site or call centers whose details are presented below in order to reserve, order and / or purchase all services offered by SAFABHE
"REGULAR FLIGHT": provision of air transport among the scheduled flights of airlines,

These general conditions of sale apply to any use of the site, including marketing internet and telephone all services offered on the site.
It is therefore imperative that the user carefully read the Terms and Conditions that are referenced by hyperlink on each page

The Terms SAFABHE sales may be supplemented by special conditions of sale contained in the description of the service and the conditions of sale providers, accessible either on their website or on site.

Any user declares to have the legal capacity to contract with SAFABHE society, ie be at 18 years of age, be legally able to enter and not be under guardianship.
Every user also agrees to use the website in accordance with these general conditions of sale, in its name and in the name and on behalf of all the beneficiaries of the services ordered by him on the site which he acknowledges to be the agent (hereinafter the Beneficiaries ) and to which these general conditions of sale will be binding.

User is financially responsible for the use made of the site on its own behalf and on behalf of beneficiaries.

Users guarantee the truth and accuracy of the information provided by him in his name and in the name and on behalf of all the beneficiaries using their data on the site.

SAFABHE reserves the right at any time not to contract with a user who would misuse of the site or who violate these general conditions of sale.


The user can control the services offered on the site directly online or by phone or +224.657.00.42.47 / 00221. after validating these terms and conditions.

  1. The user performs a search that will lead to the provision of one or more offers benefits corresponding to his request and / or the user consults the offers made in the context of sales that can be offered on the site
    2. The user clicks on the provision of choice to access its description
    3. The user fill the information requested and then accesses a summary containing all the benefits chosen and the total price of the benefit or benefits, enabling it to verify the details of his order. The user must ensure that all information displayed are consistent with those he provided because they can no longer be changed after confirmation of the order
    4. The user can then confirm the order,
    5. The User pays his order either online or by (Western union, ePocket, Wari, Joni Joni or Cash).
    6. SAFABHE email sends an order confirmation containing the essential elements of the contract such as the identification of the service, the names and contact information of the user, the name of the beneficiaries or purchased services, quantity and the price. All information contained in this confirmation e-mail will be deemed to constitute the agreement between the user and the company SAFABHE.
    7. SAFABHE address as soon as possible a bill to the User.


SAFAHE offers air transportation, say "regular" on behalf of the airlines.
The conditions of performance of air transport are governed by the terms and conditions of the airlines.
SAFABHE nevertheless wishes, in the user information of concern; draw his attention to the following points:

5.1.1 Identity of Carrier
the user is informed of the identity of contract carriers or fact likely to achieve the purchased flight. SAFABHE inform the user of the identity of the actual airline which will or the flight (s). In case of change of carrier, the user will be informed by the contracting carrier or SAFABHE by any suitable means, once it becomes aware and at the latest at check-in or boarding for flights matched. The blacklist of banned airlines operating in the European Community can be accessed by clicking the following link:
5.1.2 Schedules, route and airport
after booking the user will receive in its box to mail schedules, itinerary and airports with all the information necessary to know:
Name airline with flight number
airport of departure (with boarding terminal)
transit airport (for flights with stopovers)
airport of unloading (with output terminal)
NB: You will required to provide an email address and a phone number for validating the reservation since all the information is sent by email.

For security measures: it is advisable to arrive at the airport 03 hours time before the start time.
You will have to check your email before leaving to take notice of these final hours, and print your invitation.

The schedule changes or routes, stops, airport changes, delays, missed connections, flight cancellations, are among the constraints specific to air transport and can be charged by the airlines.

Finally, SAFABHE wishes to remind the user that direct flights are "non stop" or have one or more stops (then it is the same flight by airline because the flight number is identical) with change or not device.

It is the same for connecting flights that may be subject to change devices. So when you book a scheduled flight with an intermediate stop in a city and the second flight departs from another airport in this city than that of arrival, make sure you have time to join this second airport. Indeed, the path to reach this airport remains your responsibility.
On some airlines, some journeys can be confident in the process. This information is mentioned you in "Show flight info" when making your selection.
5.1.3 The return flight
Whatever type of flight, regular, special or low cost return must imperatively be confirmed on site within 72 hours before the planned departure date from the airline or the level of a local company matching (eg a travel agency). We draw your attention to the fact that this procedure is mandatory, failing which your site can not be assured by the company that can be attributed to another. Moreover, this procedure also allows, on this occasion, to make you confirm times of your return flight that may have undergone some changes.

SAFAHE the company cannot be held liable for a failure to confirmation by you.

5.1.4 Correspondences
According to international conventions, connections are not guaranteed. It is therefore advisable not provide any commitment on the day or the day after the outward or return journey.
5.1.5 No show on departure
The lack of presentation for boarding on the flight went (special or regular) automatically cancel the return flight by the airline.

Any trip interrupted, shortened or any service not used by you shall not be entitled to any refund,
5.1.6 Penalties (change or cancellation)
By making your flight reservation in a given class, you will also receive by email the sales conditions of the class corresponding to your booking.

We remind you that these terms and conditions are set by the airline and in no way commits SAFABHE.
Change: There are 02 types of changes
Departure before change: If you want to change your date of departure or return so be on time at the company or at a local representative.

Change after departure or No show: the no show is when you do not show up at the airport on the day of the flight.

With certain classes of reservations you can make changes by paying penalties before or after departure but with some classes if you make no show then you automatically lose the ticket.

Cancellation: With some classes you have the option to cancel the ticket through penalties. (Please read the conditions of sale)

In case of cancellation: please contact us by phone or email for the refund procedure if the ticket is refundable.
5.1.7 Pre and post delivery
If the special flight scheduled to perform pre-delivery or post-routing had to be canceled or delayed, the companies reserve the right to ensure in this case transport by any mode (bus, train, etc.)
5.1.8 Special flights – charters
The tickets are delivered on special flights at the airport upon presentation of the summons.

Furthermore, special flights most often obey the specific conditions described below. Any place on unused special flight by you to and / or the return will not be refunded, even in the case of a postponement. Abandonment of a special flight for the benefit of a scheduled flight, by deliberate choice on your part, drives the full payment of travel at the current price.
Finally, as part of a special flight, flights schedules are subject to change. Also, we recommend that you regularly check your email box and your voicemail until you leave, even if you have already received your travel documents.
5.1.9 Low cost flights
Low cost flights obey the conditions described below. The convocation is boarding pass office. Any loss or forgetting of it the day of departure may result in costs paid directly to some companies. Your luggage will be to select an option on our website on the day of booking. On-board services are charged (snack / drink) .The tickets are usually non-changeable and non-refundable. Any place on low cost flight not used by you to and / or return cannot be reimbursed, even in the case of a postponement. Abandonment of a charter flight for the benefit of a scheduled flight, by deliberate choice on your part, drives the full payment of travel at the current price.
5.1.10 Instructions and safety
It is your responsibility to respect the safety instructions laid down by the airlines or the competent authorities, including:
• Deadlines for submitting at the airport for check. SAFABHE suggest you arrive at the check in at least three hours before the departure time of the aircraft for international flights and at least an hour and a half in advance for domestic flights.
Warning: people with disabilities, unaccompanied children (UM), passengers with oversize luggage or excess luggage or traveling with pets placed in the hold must first contact the airline to check the time limit 'recording.
• Parts allowed on planes. SAFABHE advise you to verify that the objects or products you want to keep in hand luggage and / or cabin are allowed. We remind you that are prohibited in luggage articles concerned with international IATA regulations on hazardous materials including explosives articles, flammable, corrosive, oxidizing, irritating, toxic or radioactive, compressed gases and unauthorized by the States objects .
We also invite you to visit the site for this purpose cannot be held liable for any denied boarding confiscation of items deemed dangerous by the airline or airport authorities. It is the passenger's responsibility to find out contraband into the hold or the cabin.
5.1.11 Babies, Kids
Babies (- 2 years) have no seat on the plane, so one baby is allowed per adult passenger. The price of tickets is generally 10% of adult fare. Children (2 to 11 years) on some flights may benefit from reduction of up to 50% but stocks may be limited.
UM (unaccompanied children) may not be allowed to benefit from these tariff bases. Children under 15 unaccompanied by an adult not traveling by UM are rejected.
Infants and children are considered as such if they have not reached respectively the age of 2 years and 12 years before the use of their return ticket.
5.1.12 Pregnant Women
Airlines may sometimes deny boarding to a pregnant woman when they consider, because of the term of pregnancy, a premature delivery risk during transport is possible. It is up to the user to take advice from their doctor before ordering an air ticket on the site.
5.1.13 Luggage
SAFABHE also intends to draw attention to the fact that some airlines require a number and / or a maximum weight of luggage. If exceeded, if allowed, it will be up to the user to perform directly the additional cost to the company at the airport. SAFABHE can not bear the additional cost associated with such an overrun.

In case of loss or damage or delay of baggage during air transport prior to any other steps, you should contact the airline:
• making him find the lost or damaged luggage before leaving the airport,
• then by sending a statement to which you will attach the originals of the following documents: ticket, loss statement, luggage registration voucher.
The airline is not liable to you for the luggage you have entrusted to him, only up the indemnities provided by international conventions

It is therefore recommended that you take out an insurance policy guaranteeing the value of these items:

5.1.14 Loss or theft of plane tickets
In case of loss of your airline ticket or theft of it, you must make a specific declaration to the police and the airline and ensure your return at your cost by buying another ticket from the issuing company. All consequences arising from the loss or theft of a ticket are your responsibility. However, reimbursement is at the discretion of the company may eventually be required, accompanied by all the original (ethnic bought ticket, boarding pass ...).
Airline tickets, except for some special flights and low cost as mentioned in paragraph 5.1.7 and 5.1.8 above, are now paperless tickets called "electronic ticket". You do receive any ticket "paper" on demand.

To use your electronic ticket and get your boarding pass, you must arrive at the airport check-in counter of the airline concerned, with a booking confirmation document (e-mail, etc.) and the identification document (passport, ID card, residence permit etc.) you press the number when ordering.

You must respect the deadlines for submission at the airport that you are reported to be able to perform these procedures.

The delivery of transport documents is in accordance with the provisions of Article 10.1 hereof.
5.3 - Limitation of liability of air carriers
SAFABHE draw your attention to the fact that the liability of air carriers is most often limited by national or international law applicable to them, or by their own conditions of sale that you accepted prior to any order.
Prices of flights sec benefits is governed by the terms of 9-1.1 articles, 9.1.3, 9.2 and 9.3 hereof.
The terms of modification or cancellation of flight only benefits and costs involved are governed by the provisions of Articles 14.1, 14.2.1, 14.3.1 and 15.1 hereof.

Said hosting services are offered by SAFAHE on behalf of its suppliers.

The number of stars assigned to the hotel establishment appearing in the description corresponds to a classification in reference to local standards in most host countries. It may be that in some countries there are no official tourist agency to establish and validate the classification. In the latter case, the information in our description are based on vendor evaluation
 SAFABHE strives to inform you as accurately as possible on the conditions of your accommodation. The assessment which we derive our descriptions including our institutional knowledge and assessments that we are sent by our customers. We reserve the right for technical reasons, security, in cases of force majeure or due to a third party, to replace the hotel provided a facility of the same category offering equivalent services. It may be that an exceptional event and in such cases we try to inform you to offer you exchange as soon as we're aware.

6.2.1 Individual rooms
They have a single bed. They are subject to a surcharge, are available in limited quantities and are often less spacious, less comfortable, and less well placed than other rooms.

6.2.2 DOUBLE

They have two single beds or rarely with a double bed.

6.2.3 Triple rooms

They have, in most cases, as a double room to which is added an extra bed (note: this bed can be less than the standard size).
6.2.4 Quadruple rooms:

They have, in most cases, as a double room to which are added two beds camp (note: these beds may be lower than the standard size). In the case of 2 adults and 2 children, if the size of the rooms do not accommodate more than three people in the same room, it will be requested 2 double rooms next to each other or connecting (whenever possible) adult rate will be applied (unless otherwise stated).

6.2.5 Family rooms:

Some triple and quadruple rooms have 3 or 4 true standard size beds and therefore do not give rise to reduction

6.2.5 Connecting Rooms:


Requests for connecting rooms will be considered and met in the hotel availability of reserves, which will inform you SAFABHE.


We inform you that the applicable rules of international hotel generally require that customers take possession of the rooms from 14 hours regardless of the arrival time of the flight and release them before 10 am at the earliest whatever the time of the return flight. There you will unfortunately not possible to derogate from this rule.


6.3.2 When you book a hotel, arrival on site is scheduled for early afternoon (from 14.30) unless otherwise present on your future travel documents. The room must be vacated by 10:00 at the earliest, the day of departure.

6.4 - BABY

SAFABHE advises parents of babies to carry with them food suitable for their children that they do not always find on site. Participation local fees you may be required, for example to heat the dishes or bottles and / or installing a cot which must be requested when booking, subject to availability, however the hotel or the residence.

6.5 - MEALS

They depend on the package chosen.

6.5.1: All inclusive: includes in addition to accommodation, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and the usual drinks (mineral water, fruit juices, sodas, wines, local alcohol) usually from 10am to 22pm. Some spirits may not be included in the formula and be invoiced by the hotelier.

6.5.2: Full board further includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, excluding beverages.

6.5.3 Half board: Also includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner or lunch as applicable, excluding beverages.

6.5.4 As part of the full board or half board, drinks not included, except as noted in the description. In some countries, providers do not always have drinking water, buy bottled drinking water is then for the customer.

All additional drinks are not included in the formula are to be paid locally to the hotel.
The on-site hotel policy must be respected, including the opening hours of the restaurant or (s) or bar (s), locations shown to consume meals or drinks.

SAFABHE intends also to draw attention of the user on the following points:
• It may be, especially in high season, the number of umbrellas, deck chairs, sports equipment, et Schedules and openings of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, etc., may be irregular and depend in any case the management of the institution.


For booking thalassotherapy, spa or spa, SAFABHE advises
Pregnant women to consult their doctor before making any reservation, to confirm their ability to perform a thalassotherapy, and other treatments offered in the package.

We inform you that all treatments are not suitable for pregnant women, and it may be that the cure is not possible in some cases. Thank you to specify us when booking your stage of pregnancy so that we can inform our providers.

Generally, SAFABHE shall in no case be held responsible for any improper performance of your cure or unable to make it because of your health, and no refund will be made of this.

6.7 - PRICE

The price of the delivery of single accommodation is governed by the provisions of Article 9.1.1, 9.2 and 9.3 hereof.


The terms of modification or cancellation of accommodation only benefits and costs involved are governed by the provisions of Articles 14.1, 14.2.2, 14.3.2 hereof.

Is a tourist package delivery:

- Resulting from the prior combination of at least two operations respectively on transport, accommodation or other tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation and accounting for a significant proportion of the package; exceeding twenty four hours or including an overnight stay; sold or offered for sale at an inclusive price.


Transportation services included in the tourist package are governed by the provisions of Articles 5.1.1 to 5.4 hereof.


Provision of accommodation and accommodation included in a tour package are governed by the provisions of articles 6.1 to 6.8 hereof.

Included in the trip length:
• The day of departure from the convocation of time at the airport,
• The day of the return journey to the arrival time at the airport.
The first and last days are usually spent on transport. Therefore, if it happens that because of schedules imposed by airline companies, the first and / or last day and / or night are shortened by a late arrival or early departure, no refund could be place. It is the same if the length of stay was lengthened. It is appropriate when it comes to transportation on charter flights to envisage this eventuality and arrange your personal and professional organization.
7.3 – PRICE
Prices of travel packages is governed by the provisions of Article 9 hereof.

According to the tourism code, the customer can transfer his contract (excluding insurance contracts) to a third party, provided they inform the SAFABHE company by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt no later than 7 days before the arrival, indicating precisely the names and address of the transferee and of the participant to travel with proof that they meet the same conditions as him for the trip or stay (especially for children who are be in the same age group).

Before the transferor or the transferee will be required to pay fees as provided in Article 14.3.2 below, that is to say, under conditions identical to those relating to the amendment to the travel packages benefits.

The transferor and transferee are jointly liable for the payment of any balance of price and additional costs arising from such transfer.

In all cases, if the costs were higher than the above amounts (not changeable flight booking or other), it would be due to SAFABHE the exact amount that will be charged to the customer upon presentation of receipts. Supplementary insurance are not refundable or transferable case.
The cancellation terms, modification and costs inherent in them are governed by the provisions of Articles 14.1, 14.2.4, 14.3.3 and 15.2 hereof.


Regarding treatments and care in spa centers, spa and Thalassotherapy or recreational sports services, SAFABHE draws the user's attention on the need to inquire before the order and the day of consumption the provision of the ability of all beneficiaries to benefit by taking all the precautions that their health requires, so that responsibility for SAFABHE company cannot be held liable for any incident or accident attributable to a vigilance of your failure.

In some cases, a medical examination will be imposed by the providers of SAFABHE the beneficiaries to ensure that their health is compatible with the services ordered. SAFABHE the company will not be held responsible for a refusal to see them participate in case of refusal after the medical examination.

It is expressly agreed that certain specified activities or facilities may not be available outside tourist season.

It is also expressly agreed that certain activities or facilities can be deleted from our service provider especially for climatic reasons, in case of major force or due to a minimum number of participants required for the realization of the activity that would not reached (eg team sports, kids club).

Most of the beaches, even the so-called "private" beaches are open to the public. Perhaps they are not cleaned regularly.

All these risks are an integral part of the contract you enter into and cannot be the responsibility of SAFABHE.
Furthermore, sports activities are often organized with participation by external providers at the hotel. These activities not listed in the description of the service and are not contractual. Therefore, any displacement that would then be necessary for the customer. Similarly, any suppression of these activities to the will of the organizer due to insufficient demand can not entail any compensation.

SAFABHE hears finally draw the User's attention to the fact that some proposed activities can be hazardous especially for young children. Responsibility for SAFABHE Company cannot be held liable for any incident or accident attributable to a vigilance of your failure.

SAFABHE wishes to draw the attention of the user on the fact that it does not present itself as accommodations provider, but published on its websites furnished seasonal rental deals available to him in the name and on behalf of providers. Therefore, the responsibility of SAFABHE cannot be engaged in case of proven fault on his part at the time of booking.
As an intermediary, SAFABHE address a booking confirmation and a voucher taking the description of the leased property and the rental conditions of service as set out in the description of the offer .. The supplier invoice directly SAFABHE. Therefore, SAFABHE, as an intermediary, address itself an invoice to the user.
Reservation with SAFABHE entails full acceptance of the user to the terms of sale of the latter, as well as the specific conditions of service as contained in the description of the offer and in the voucher, and acceptance without reserve all their provisions.
There is no official classification for villas, apartments or furnished accommodation.

The use of property and equipment is the sole responsibility of the user.
If specific conditions of possession and release places exist, they will be detailed in the description of the offer and recalled in the voucher sent to the user. Otherwise, customers take possession of the unit from 14 hours and release it before 12 hours.


At the arrival, on arrival, the user is required to pay a security deposit, the amount of which may vary according to the importance and value of the property. This amount is specified in the description and reiterated in the voucher sent to the client. According to the handover of terms, the deposit may be requested by check, cash or credit card. In case of refusal of payment, the entry of the rental will be denied to the user.
In any case, this deposit will be returned the day of departure, net of a provision for potential damage, missing objects, damage or cleaning fee to remember.


The provider is responsible for the quality and quantity of the equipment inside, which must be commensurate with the number of people included in the description.
To this end, an inventory is made upon arrival with the latter and internal regulations is eventually statement.
Similarly a state of fixtures will be drawn the day of departure.
These documents are the only reference in case of dispute inherent in the provision of places.
In case of finding missing or defective items or problems, the customer must report them to the service provider on site within 48 hours after arrival.


Neither SAFABHE nor the provider nor the owner can be held responsible for irregularities and / or disturbance may come from the malfunction of the water systems, electricity, telephone.


The user must behave good father and ensure good housekeeping.
The leased property shall not be inhabited, even for a few days, a number greater than that intended by the description. Otherwise the provider will be entitled to claim additional rent or to demand the departure of people redundant.
Similarly, it is prohibited to set up tents in the garden, or to make park caravans.
Extreme events (weddings, reception) remain subject to the prior approval of provider.
The user must abstain absolutely, throwing in the sinks, baths, bidets, sinks, laundries, toilets, etc., objects likely to block the drains, otherwise it will be indebted expenses caused for the return to service of these devices.
In this regard, due to difficulties in season SAFABHE and provider disclaim any liability inherent to the response time for any repairs that may be necessary during the stay. The provider agrees to use its best efforts for a rapid and effective response.

The user cannot claim any reduction of rent, due to urgent repairs and unpredictable that may be necessary during the stay.
Access to the pool, hot tubs, is forbidden for children unaccompanied by an adult.
Access to the hammam and sauna are prohibited for children .Quant pregnant women, access to all of the aforementioned equipment is left to their full and sole responsibility.



9.1.1 - General Provisions

The descriptions of the services presented on the site for each service, specify the items included in the price and any special conditions. Prices shown are those in effect at the time of booking.

All prices are displayed by default in dollars (unless modified by the user of the currency format at the time of booking), all taxes included, excluding booking fee and / or delivery. According to the VAT regime on the margin of travel agents, the invoices issued by SAFABHE do not mention the collected VAT on services sold.

In addition to this award, the SAFABHE company will charge the user a lump sum, called "application fee" not included in the price, cost related and necessary expenses in order processing,

It is also appropriate to specify that certain taxes or additional fees (tax, tourism tax, visa fees and / or tourist card ...) may be imposed by the authorities in some states. These additional fees are not included in the price of services and where they exist, are at the user's expense and may need to be adjusted on site.

Also in general, and unless expressly stated otherwise, are not included in the price, all personal expenses or incidental to the provision, such as insurance, shipping costs of tickets and books travel, the cost of excess baggage, the airport parking fees, vaccination costs, laundry, telephone, drinks, room service, gratuities and even excursions and use of sports facilities, and more generally any service not specifically included in the summary of the order.
Finally, when the order includes a provision of accommodation, prices are calculated based on the number of nights and not the number of whole days.

9.1.2 - Special provisions for travel packages

• The price of travel packages of benefits may, at the request of providers, be changed until 31 days before your departure date with changes, including the rise, affecting the price of fuel, legal or regulatory taxes or the exchange rate.

These changes will be reflected in the price of the service in proportion to their share in the calculation of the price of the service.

• Moreover, the prices are calculated based on the number of nights, not the number of whole days. By night, it is meant the period of availability of the room, between 14 hours and 10 hours at the earliest the following day.

9.1.3 - Provisions specific flights

In case of variation amount of the fees, passenger and / or fuel surcharges charges applied by aviation authorities and / or companies, they will be fully and immediately reflected in the price of all products from its date of application, including customers already and have already set the corresponding benefit.

9.1.4 Special provisions for dynamic packages

You have chosen to join two services sold separately on site and including a flight. The price and availability of flights can change very quickly during the purchasing process, whether carried out by telephone or on our website. We therefore can not guarantee the rate until the end of the transaction.

All orders are payable in Euros, Dollars, and GNF XOF

• Payment for orders can be made through credit cards or the following methods:
• The credit card (Visa and Master card)
• Wari
• Joni Joni
• Western Union
• ePocket
• Orange money
• Paypall
• Species

Payment by credit card
The user guarantees that it is fully authorized to use the payment card and it will use that gives access to sufficient funds to cover all costs required to settle the order. The commitment to pay given by means of a payment card is irrevocable. It cannot be stopped payment in the event of loss, theft or fraudulent use of the card. Apart from these limited cases accepted by the legislature, the cardholder is guilty of fraud credit card. The right to stop payment cannot be used in particular to address the lack withdrawal (see item 13 below).

Each payment by credit card, the user can choose or not to store their banking information to facilitate its payments. The user then must confirm the expiration date of his credit card to validate its future payments. After 2 failed attempts to confirm the expiration date, bank user information will be automatically deleted. If the user wants to delete his bank information once it has been stored, it can do so at any time from the "My Account".
Payment by money transfer or bank transfer:

SAFABHE gives you the facility to pay by transfer or bank transfer.
  Westerrn union, Wari, Money Gram, Ria, Joni Joni, orange money.
After your reservation if you want to send us money through a money transfer system or bank transfer then please contact us by phone or email so that you notify the bank details or the person at the address that you will send the amount equivalent to the service.
  We remind you that the transfer fees or transfer are your responsibility.
The head office :
Guinea Conakry
  Kaloum Niger Market Building Afriland First BANK 2nd floor.
Tel: + 224-628.19.75.07 / 657.00.42.47

In Senegal

Plots Assainies U10 - Dakar
Phone: + 221-33.855.84.55
Fax: + 221-33.855.84.55
Mobile: + 221-
Cash settlement:
SAFABHE also allows you to pay in cash.
After making your reservation, you can spend or send someone having references booking office for payment.
NB: We remind you that in case of payment by transfer, bank transfer or cash we will send you your ticket or booking confirmation upon receipt of the amount equivalent to the service.


The exchange rates may appear on the site are only given for information. SAFABHE the company in any way guarantee its accuracy and shall not be responsible for updating them in real time.


Delivery of documents of benefits (voucher, voucher, airport meeting and / or transport tickets ...) is by email.

The user will have to communicate SAFABHE address "e" or a fax number allowing SAFABHE to send him some documents for his journey, from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 22:00.

As a precaution, in case five days before departure (provided you have actually placed your order more than five days before departure) you had not received for any reason whatsoever, your travel documents, SAFABHE invites you to inform him.

In case you would express request, these travel documents may be sent on paper and by other modes of delivery, subject however to the feasibility of these approaches with regard to your order date, date starting and if necessary your departure. SAFABHE would charge you so, the amount corresponding to the cost of shipping.

In any case, if transmission of incorrect user contact information, SAFABHE disclaims all liability for non-performance or poor performance of the trip due to non receipt of travel documents.


ARTICLE 11 - Administrative and health formalities -

Only a national identity card, passport or a travel document whose face date is not exceeded can travel. No other document cannot be used to travel, both for an adult, a child or a baby

typically, a valid passport is essential for foreign destinations. Some countries require that the passport validity than six months after the date of return and also you are in possession of a return ticket or a ticket out and sufficient funds.

Minors must be in possession of an identity document in their name. Minors inscriptions on the parents' passports. Minors must hold an individual passport. For minors accompanied by one parent or abroad and overseas territories in addition to the usual formalities, the accompanying parent will bring the family book and an authorization to leave the territory given by the parent not traveling. It is the same for minors accompanied by a third.

SAFABHE can not in any case accept the registration of unaccompanied minors. Accordingly, SAFABHE cannot be held responsible if, despite this prohibition, an unaccompanied minor is registered, unwittingly, on a journey.

Similarly SAFABHE alerts users that some countries require that the passenger justify a subscription to an assistance / repatriation insurance for the endorsement.

Tape and / or health needed to run the trip are communicated, for information before your order, in the description of our services

SAFABHE to draw attention of the user on the fact that he must take responsibility to know the formalities to possibly accomplish to get to the destination country and possibly transit.
SAFABHE also attracts user's attention on the need to take cognizance of information on the health risks identified by the health authorities in places of destination and transit as well as recommendations and sanitary measures in place against these risks, before the start of the Beneficiaries and during their stay.

In addition, to prepare for your trip, and whatever your nationality, we urge you to consult all the information on the countries to visit and on the administrative and health formalities required

The completion of these formalities and the resulting costs are your responsibility.

Finally, it behooves you to scrupulously respect the formalities and ensure that the full names listed on your travel documents (reservations, tickets, vouchers ...) exactly match those on their part ID, passport, visas, etc.

If due to non compliance with such administrative and health formalities, you were unable to embark or disembark, the price paid could never be repaid. Similarly SAFABHE cannot bear the costs of fines and / or claims arising from non-compliance with customs or health regulations of the countries visited.


It is expressly agreed that the absence of manifest error of SAFABHE, the data stored in the SAFABHE information system and / or its partners and / or suppliers, including electronic messaging tools have probative value as to orders and the obligations of the parties. The data on computer or electronic preserved and constitute proof, and if produced as evidence by SAFABHE in any litigation or other, they will be admissible, valid and enforceable between the parties in the same way,

Under the same conditions and with the same value as any document created, received or kept in writing.



Consequently, the services ordered on the site are exclusively subject to cancellation and modification provided to these terms of sale and the user can not invoke the right to withdrawal.


14.1.1 General
Any cancellation or modification of your order must reach imperatively SAFABHE email at: or or by phone at 00224.657.00.42.47

SAFABHE send you back by e-mail, if applicable, confirmation of receipt of your request for cancellation or modification. In the absence of this email, modification or cancellation will not be considered. It is your responsibility in all cases to ensure the proper receipt of the confirmation email.
For the sake of legal certainty and transparency, SAFABHE then call you in this email the scale of cancellation or amendment as provided herein, Articles 14.2 and 14.3 below, and ask you to return it within stated the following email: "" I have taken note of the amount of cancellation fee (or modified as appropriate) quoted above, I confirm the cancellation (or modification) with my performance. Name, file reference, "with the" agreed "mention to confirm your cancellation or modification.

Only the sending of this email by you worth annulment or final modification. Therefore, sending such an email out period may, if necessary, to increase the costs in the conditions of the cancellation or modification scheme under sections 14.2 and 14.3 below because as it has not been sent the reservation will be held as originally SAFABHE remaining committed itself towards its service provider with which that provision reserved;
In case of modification or cancellation, less amounts due

pursuant to the provisions of Articles 14.2 and 14.3 hereof, SAFABHE refund.
On your side, cancellation or modification of your benefit for some reason does not exempt you from paying sums that would stay with you liable
SAFABHE under the provisions of this Article.

SAFABHE finally draws the attention of the user on the fact that external costs or not included in the delivery, and already incurred by him such as those incurred for the issuance of visas, travel documents, costs pre-delivery or post-delivery, vaccination costs ... will not be any refund.

When you have taken out cancellation insurance, we remind you that you belong to directly inform the insurer of the cancellation or other damage in the conditions and time limits specified in the insurance contract.
14.1.2 - Provisions specific to certain benefits
• Exceptionally, certain services or packages may be subject to special cancellation conditions which will apply notwithstanding the general provisions above. These special conditions included in the description
• Regarding travel packages, hotel services tourist homes and seasonal rentals, SAFABHE intends to remind the user that just interrupted or shortened stay or any service not used her for any cause whatsoever, such as for example non-submission or late submission of the place of appointment, will not give rise to any refund. Furthermore, if canceled for lack of participants, at the latest 22 days before the departure date, the customer can not claim any compensation.
• The insurance is not refundable.
• Folders fees are not refundable.

The cancellation of your service entails costs which are invoiced according to the scale below.

14.2.1 For travel benefits
regular flights:
Cancellation before or after departure 100% of the total tax

It is appropriate for this purpose to remember that in the case of an electronic ticket, the ticket is issued from the command.

14.2.2 For hotel services
You can connect directly to the provider's site to make changes or cancellation.

14.2.3 For leisure benefits
Care for the day
Cancellation before or after the date set for the delivery of 100% of the total tax.
14.2.4 To Travel Packages

Package tourist
A + 30 days before departure                                              30% of the total tax
Between 30 and 16 days before departure                          55% of the total tax
Between 15 and 7 days before departure                            75% of the total tax
At least seven days before departure and after departure   100% of the total tax



For all our services, the following fees apply:
- Modification of management fees: 20 € per file
- Application fee providers related to changes

To note, in case of withdrawal of benefits our cancellation terms apply.


15.1 Of the provision of "theft"

Air records are subject to technical approval from our ticketing service that can be in a position to issue the ticket infeasibility. Indeed some companies (especially small companies operating domestic flights and some "low cost", (cheap airlines) have entered into contracts with partial air systems to be booked without them so far make possible the issuance of tickets. in the latter case, SAFABHE undertakes to inform the user of this state of affairs within 48 hours after the registration confirmation of the order and, wherever possible, and to its effort to provide another airlift solution accompanied by new pricing terms.
If at the time of issue, which comes after booking, the carrier does not allow the electronic ticket, the routing within the physical transport ticket is not possible and that no other solution under the same conditions is available, the organizer reserves the right to cancel without charge booking, the price paid is then refunded.
It is also appropriate to recall once again that in the context of the purchase of air tickets. SAFABHE acts as intermediary between the carrier and the user. The carrier may impose SAFABHE on certain flights on certain dates, where to enjoy some tariffs, rules of specific programs such as the ticket is issued within a maximum period after booking, access to certain rates reserved to residents of certain countries in particular. In case these emission rules imposed by the carrier to find SAFABHE to apply to the user, SAFABHE will be entitled to cancel the booking without fees and refund the price paid.

In any event, in case of cancellation of a flight service by the airline, all payments you would be returned without the responsibility of SAFABHE can be, moreover, committed in order to obtain some compensation whatsoever.

15.2 of a tourist package

If SAFABHE was forced to cancel your trip, you would be notified immediately and all payments you would immediately returned promptly without, moreover, that SAFABHE be required to repay any benefit or compensation.

Similarly if a change was to take place before departure SAFABHE inform you as to the choice and return you to confirm this change or cancel.
And in case of cancellation as soon as possible without, moreover, that SAFABHE be required to repay any benefit and all payments you would immediately returned promptly without, moreover, that SAFABHE be required to repay any benefit or compensation.
15.4 In all other benefits

In all other benefits as those mentioned above in sections 14.2 to 14.3, cancellation or modification will be reimbursed to the user, as soon as possible given the time limits imposed by the provider of all sums paid, without the responsibility of SAFABHE can be also undertaken in order to obtain any compensation whatsoever.

SAFABHE also recalls that in the same way for all changes concerning benefits other than those mentioned in Articles 15.2 to 15.3 above its responsibility could not be committed.

No insurance is included in the prices of services offered on the sites.

Therefore SAFABHE recommend you subscribe when you order an insurance contract covering the consequences of certain cases of cancellation and providing an assistance contract covering certain risks including repatriation in case of accident or disease.

In the more specific context of the furnished apartment rentals, the notion of liability vary from country to country, and the responsibility of SAFABHE cannot be committed by accident, loss, theft, fire, damage water, injuries, etc ...

The user will be required to provide the service to its arrival at the scene, a guarantee certificate liability type "occupying stay trip" in principle graciously provided by his insurance company.

Therefore, the owner, provider and SAFABHE disclaim all responsibility for recourse that their insurance company may exercise against the tenant in case of disaster.
The provider shall in turn ensure that the owner holds all necessary insurances for rent of the leased asset and related to its lessor activity. SAFABHE therefore cannot be held responsible, or held liable for breach of these formalities the sole owner of responsibility


Any claim of a commercial nature or relating to the quality of services must necessarily be reported in writing as soon as possible, and no later than thirty 30 days of your return date at the following address:

A receipt of your letter attesting to their good reception and its management by the department concerned will be sent within 7 days.

Complaints will only be accepted to the extent that the difficulties which they are subject have been previously reported during the execution of the service, on the spot from the supplier and in writing (regular mail, fax or email) addressed SAFABHE for SAFABHE and / or its service providers are trying to remedy to limit the damage that would you estimate undergo and also limit the damage of the SAFABHE company, if the fault is attributable to one of its suppliers , the complaint reported running of the provision allowing it to better defend themselves against her.

The company intends SAFABHE remind users that sells individual trips, all claims must be made individually that is to say, a per order. No action will be given to collective complaints or petitions.

Finally the SAFABHE Company intends to draw attention to the fact that it is for the user to learn before any order is taken on any local events such as carnivals, religious holidays, national holidays, holidays, etc. . . . That could affect the success of your trip, it being specified that no claim of this fact will be later sent to the SAFABHE society.


In case of dispute which may arise about the validity, interpretation, performance or non-performance, modification or termination of the contract, the User and will endeavor to find SAFABHE an amicable solution.

As such, in the absence of satisfactory result estimated by the User or SAFABHE to a complaint made under the conditions stipulated in Article 17 hereof, the first party to submit the dispute to the competent Guinean courts.


19.1 - For the use of the site

SAFABHE does not guarantee that the site will be free of anomalies, errors or bugs, nor that they will be corrected, or that the site will operate without interruption or failure, or that they are compatible with all material without exception.

SAFABHE cannot be held responsible for failures due to third party software.

Under these conditions, SAFABHE cannot be held responsible for any kind of foreseeable or unforeseeable damage, material or immaterial resulting from the use or otherwise of the total or partial inability to use the site.

Finally, SAFABHE can not control all the sites where it refers by hypertext link, which exist only to facilitate users' searches, SAFABHE can in no way responsible for their content.

Under these conditions by accepting these terms and conditions, the user declares to know the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, particularly with regard to technical performance of applications that are developed there and with regard to the security of communications and Datas.
19.2 - For benefits

SAFABHE takes particular care in choosing its suppliers and thus ensures compliance with contractual commitments with respect to users in any order for a service some kind.

Regarding travel packages benefits SAFABHE not be held liable due to any failure or improper performance of any or all of the benefits provided in the contract that would be attributable to the user, in a case of force majeure or at unpredictable and insurmountable, a third party unconnected with the provision of services under the contract.

With regard to all other benefits, SAFABHE not be held liable in case of damages caused by a fault on his part demonstrated by the user.


By joining SAFABHE, you agree to receive email from SAFABHE TRAVEL, newsletters, information and / or commercial tender for travel deals.

As a member of SAFABHE, you can manage your preferences and subscriptions frequency independently in space "my subscriptions".

An unsubscribe link is present on all SAFABHE communications to give you the freedom to stop the solicitations at any time.

In addition, when you join the club SAFABHE you authorize SAFABHE to transmit its partners, email address of registration and / or any information relating to registration, for purposes of commercial prospecting.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is data that is stored on a computer, tablet or mobile, when browsing the internet. Cookies allow the website to recognize your browser. They are mainly used to remember your choices and preferences. They do not cause damage to your device. They allow for example to display pages more quickly than you have already consulted or customize the content. You obviously have the ability to disable or prevent the placement of cookies (see "Help" on your browser to configure these functions).
Protection of personal data
SAFABHE is committed to protecting the privacy of all of your personal data. The information collected on this site (email address, telephone number) subject to a data processing intended for sending newsletters SAFABHE.



These general conditions of sale, and more generally, the contract you enter into with SAFABHE are subject to Guinean law.

Any dispute concerning the interpretation and / or execution falls Guinean courts.


Terms of use
The MAHIN SAFABHE gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of obtaining. It is usable only on the SAFABHE site and can not be used as means of payment in our partner hotels. To use the card MAHIN you must be a member of SAFABHE.
Whenever you buy a ticket with us be sure to notify us so that your active points on the route.
You can earn more points to get a ticket or a free stay.
The MAHIN card has no monetary value. MAHIN the card can not be exchanged or refunded even partially, and may not lead to any change given. It is neither replaced nor refunded in case of loss, theft or validity end.

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